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The scope of the search functions is limited to categories of information derived from publication, described below.

The archive is a relatively small corpus with very few unequivocal themes (eg. ‘Derby’) or repeated themes (eg. ‘Sloper’). Rather than create a random group of anticipated themes, such as ‘bonnet’, ‘cat’ or ‘Gladstone’, for example, which run the danger of misrepresenting the scope of the archive, the archive limits metadata searches to verifiable categories derived from the source material itself.

  • Publication name
  • Judy volume number
  • Page number (eg. ‘162’ or ‘frontispiece’/‘almanac’)
  • Single date (eg. ‘25-08-1869’ to ‘25-08-1869’)
  • Date range (eg. ‘25-08-1869’ to ’29-09-1869’)
  • Title of an item (eg. ‘Doddles’)
  • Signed as (eg. ‘Noir’)
  • Source (eg. London Library)
  • Source catalogue number (eg. 220074)

Thematic searches are not available (eg. ‘bonnet’)

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